• Robby Rahmatullah Universitas Dharma AUB
  • Wahyu Adimahendra Universitas Dharma AUB
Keywords: decision support system, fitness, weighted product


Agna Physque Gym was  fitness center located in Gemolong District. Agna Physque Gym provided adequate services and facilities as well as effortted to foster public interest in sports. The training program for beginners certainly required guidance from a personal trainer in compiling an exercise program that was in accordance with the desired target. Members of Fitness had problemed in determining an exercise program. This was a difficulty in determining the training program to be carried out.

Study  aimed to built a Decision Support System to determined  the Fitness using the Weighted Product. The Weighted Product used multiplication to connected attribute ratings, where the rating of each attribute might be raised to the first power with the weight of the attribute in question. This process was the same as the normalization process. programming language Java and the database used MySQL.

This system could generated a ranking alternatif exercise program Fitness body weight user Based on the system testing carried out, the system could  to provided results in accordance with the calculations used, so that this system could assisted in determining fitness exercise recommendations.



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