Journal of Advanced Studies In Management is a scientific journal that publishes research results both theoretically and empirically from the field of advanced studies in management science.

The journal's primary goal is to facilitate the dissemination of high-quality research and insights in these areas, contributing to advancing knowledge and understanding in business and management. Articles intended for publication in JASM should align with the journal's focus and subject areas. It is required that articles be meticulously edited according to the author's guidelines specified by the journal before submission. JASM specializes in publishing research articles within the management science domain and covers the subsequent scope.

The journal's focus is to provide a platform for empirical and theoretical articles encompassing a broad range of topics within business and management. The journal covers various areas, including:
- Business Strategy
- Management
- Human Resource Management
- Organizational Behavior
- Marketing
- Supply Chain Management
- Finance
- Corporate Governance
- Entrepreneurship
- Knowledge Management
- Innovation
- Digital Marketing

Journal of Advanced Studies In Management, managed by the Master of Management Study Post Graduate Program, is published consistently in Maret and November each year.