Analisis Praktik Rahn Tasjily di BMT Al-Hikmah Semesta Cabang Kembang Ditinjau dari Fatwa DSN-MUI No.68/DSN-MUI/III/2008 Tentang Rahn Tasjily

  • Asry Damayanti Unisnu Jepara, Center Java, Indonesia
Keywords: rahn tajlisy, Fatwa DSN-MUI No.68/DSN-MUI/III/2008 Regarding Rahn Tajlisy Implementation, pawning securities


This research began with implementing the rahn tasjily contract at BMT Al-Hikmah Semesta Kembang Branch which was the most popular among the surrounding community. This study aims to (1) determine the suitability of the practice of rahn tasjily (Pawning Securities) at BMT Al-Hikmah Semesta Kembang branch based on the DSN-MUI fatwa No. 68/DSN-MUI/III/2008 regarding rahn tasjily; (2) knowing the practice of rahn tasjily at BMT Al-Hikmah Semesta Kembang Branch. This type of research includes field research, this research uses descriptive qualitative methods, with data collection techniques using interview, observation and documentation techniques. The results showed (1) the application of the cost of maintaining and storing marhun was determined based on the amount of the rahin's loan to the murtahin and the contract used was only the rahn contract; (2) recommendations or solutions that can be applied in the future that are by the DSN-MUI fatwa, namely by applying maintenance costs based on the ijarah agreement, where the contract is used for the cost of renting marhun storage. Other recommendations can also be determined based on the estimated value of the pawned goods or can also be determined based on the real needs required in the contract.