Pembiayaan Renovasi Rumah di Koperasi Mitra Dhuafa Cabang Sale dan Dampaknya Terhadap Kesejahteraan Anggota

  • Ahmad Aisar Aufa Zaki Koperasi Mitra Dhuafa
Keywords: renovation financing, prosperity, constraints


Mitra Dhuafa Cooperation has a home renovation financing product. This product is intended for members who do not yet have a decent house and difficult economic conditions. Members can apply for home renovation financing provided when they has been in the group for three years and has a good track record of paying installments. The renovation financing disbursement system is divided into two stages, namely 75% in the first stage and 25% in the second stage. This study uses qualitative research methods based on case study descriptions and interviews with managers and members of the Mitra Dhuafa Cooperation to obtain data that researchers want to take. The results of this study indicate (1) Mitra Duafa Cooperation in distributing home renovation financing using the 5C and 7P principles, the positive impact felt by members, are members can finance their renovation houses to be habitable, the negative impacts that arise from the use of renovation funds are not in proper usage; (2) the obstacles faced were in the implementation in the field, namely the time of the renovation that was not following the plan.