Focus and Scope


JCES focuses to advance the development of sustainable infrastructure, as well as the dissemination of conceptual ideas and the implementation of countermeasures, particularly in the tropics, which is vulnerable to disasters. Specifically, we look to publish articles with the potential to make real-world contributions to improving both local communities and countries' readiness for and responsiveness to natural and human-made disasters.


The particular emphasis of JCES is given to the civil & environmental engineering researches associated with natural disaster such as geo-disaster (earthquake, landslide, and volcanic eruption), water-related disaster (flood, debris flow, coastal disaster, and tsunami) and human-made disaster such as soil, water and air pollution and water scarcity. Articles describing the topics of disaster risk reduction techniques, disaster early warning system, climate change adaptation, vulnerability analysis and trends, pre and/or post-disaster reconstruction and rehabilitation planning and management, forensic engineering, the socio-engineering approach for the countermeasures, or water reuse and recycle are particularly encouraged.