Peer Review Process

Every manuscript submitted has to follow author guidelines of JCES. Every article will go through Initial Review processes by Handling Editors. Handling editors will check : (1) language (grammar and clarity) and template; (2) within defined focus and scope; (3) novelty; and (4) similarity index. Similarity check is conducted by using Turnitin to make sure the manuscripts are free from plagiarism contents. 

Articles meet the above mentioned requirements will go through Double-Blind Full Review Process by at least 2 (two) or more Peer-Reviewers. Once the review completed, the articles will be returned to the authors along with reviewers’ evaluation. Authors have to revise accordingly within three weeks after notification email from editor. In addition to revised paper, authors have to respond all the reviewers’ comments in separate file (available in our website). These processes might take three months for a maximum time.

In each manuscript evaluation, the peer reviewer will be rated from the substantial and technical aspects. Final decision is made by Editor-in-Chief by considering evaluation given by an associate editor and reviewers. All accepted manuscripts will be proofread by JCES and author before published.

JCES assures the confidentiality of all main data, supporting data dan content written in the manuscript. Author’s identity will be removed by the editorial team before the manuscript is sent to the reviewers. All decision made by the reviewers are based on objective assessment.