Information For Authors

The submission of the INFORMATIKA ENGINEERING Journal manuscript is carried out through JTINFO Online. Furthermore, for information/notification of revision, acceptance or rejection of the manuscript is sent via email.
Instructions for Authors / Online Manuscript Submission or as a Journal Reader:
1. Visitors are required to have a "user name" by first (clicking) "register" and creating a (own) password in order to enter/access to JTINFO and fill out a complete profile. Authors need to 'Register' with JTINFO before submitting their Manuscripts. However, if you are already registered, then do the login step and start the five-step process of entering the script.
2. Starting a New Manuscript Submission
Click Here Go to the first of the five-step submission process. Step 1. Starting Manuscript Submission
(1) Start; (2) Upload Manuscript; (3) Enter Metadata (4) Upload Additional Files; (5) Confirm
3. "Login" is required for 'Readers' who want a complete manuscript that can be downloaded in PDF or writers who wish to submit a manuscript and can check the status of the submitted manuscript until it is published, while information on the reviewed manuscript will be notified via email;
4. If you only want to search or view the contents of the journal, both names or manuscripts that have been published in JTINFO, please select the 'LOOK' menu.