Become a Reviewer

We invite researchers and experts to join JMER’s external reviewer board. When reviewing for JMER you:
1. Receive a personalized reviewer certificate.
2. Are included in the journal’s annual acknowledgment of reviewers.

Please note that we have the following qualifications for applicants, at least:
1. Come from the same field as the scope of the journal, including management, entrepreneurship, and business.
2. Minimum Scopus H-index is 2 for editor and 5 for reviewer.
3. Willing to perform volunteer assignments.

If you are interested in reviewing articles for one or more of our journals, please register your contact details, including your ORCID identifier, institutional affiliation, a short CV, and 5-6 keywords in line with your expertise at the following page.

The managing editors of the selected journals will send you a notification once approved.