Submission Guidelines

Before you begin the submission process, here are some checks to consider helping you prepare and to ensure you will include everything we will need to process a complete submission.

Check 1: Tailor your article for this journal

Make sure your manuscript is the right fit for the journal by reviewing the focus and scope .

Check 2: Checking copyright issues

As the author, you are responsible for obtaining permission and paying any fees to use the third-party copyrighted material that your manuscript contains. It includes the use of photographs, figures, maps, tables, cartoons, advertisements, epigraphs and quotations.

Check 3: Maintain clear, concise, and accessible writing

Confirm that the entire manuscript is organized and neatly prepared, spell-checked, and adhere to the formatting requirements stipulated in our submission guidelines :

  • Have you stuck to the article length specified in the journal's instructions for authors?
  • Have you included an abstract and keywords, highlighting your article's key points?
  • Are all citations applied correctly?
  • Are all the citations in your manuscript included in your bibliography?
  • Are the references correctly formatted following the style of the journal?
  • Is your article formatted to the style required by the journal?

Check 4: Make sure you use Mendeley for citations

By using this application, Authors and Editors will find it easier to manage references in manuscripts.

Check 5: Anonymous your manuscript

The journal follows a double-blinded peer-review process, and you need to make your manuscript anonymous.

Check 6: Your final manuscript files

Authors are requested to submit three files of their manuscript:

1. An anonymous (blinded) manuscript without any author names and affiliations in the text .
2. Title page .
3. Cover letter .

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