Influence of Talent Management and Core Values on Employee Performance in State-Owned Enterprises in Bandung

  • Shabrina Nabilah Putri Telkom University, Indonesia
  • Fetty Poerwita Sary Telkom University, Indonesia
Keywords: company core values, performance, SOE, talent management


Objective: The objective of this study was to examine the impact of talent management and company core values on employee work performance. Finding the relationship between all crucial components, this research is vital for the development of science, particularly in the domain of human capital and talent development. Research Design  &  Methods: Using a quantitative research method, the study collected data from a minimum sample of 100 employees of State-Owned Enterprises in Bandung. PLS-SEM analysis was conducted using SmartPLS 3.2.9 software to test the research hypotheses. Findings: The results revealed that talent management had no significant effect on employee work performance, while company core values had a positive and significant impact on this variable. It was also found that both talent management and company core values demonstrated simultaneous influences on employee work performance. Implications & Recommendations: This study has important implications for companies seeking to enhance the work performance of their employees. Specifically, the findings suggest that strengthening both company management talent and core values may be necessary to achieve this goal. Contribution & Value Added: In terms of contribution and value added, this research offers an overview of the challenges associated with poor talent management and company core values, and their potential impact on job performance. By providing insight into these issues, the study offers valuable guidance to organizations seeking to improve the performance of their employees.


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Putri, S. N., & Sary, F. P. (2023). Influence of Talent Management and Core Values on Employee Performance in State-Owned Enterprises in Bandung. Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship Research, 4(1), 30-42.