Intrapreneurship Behavior: The Role of Spiritual Leadership, Religiosity, and Organizational Support

  • Maisaroh Universitas Islam Indonesia, Indonesia
  • Arief Darmawan Universitas Islam Indonesia, Indonesia
Keywords: intrapreneurship behavior, organizational support, religiosity, spiritual leadership


Objective: This study tries to investigate the model of intrapreneurship behavior of lecturers. Research Design & Methods: Spiritual leadership, and religiosity are identified as independent variables that influenced intrapreneurship behavior, and organizational support is offered in the model as a mediating variable. The sampling design used simple random sampling technique, from 103 private university lecturer respondents in Yogyakarta, and the PLS-SEM analysis tool. Findings: The results showed that three hypotheses were accepted and the others were not. The impact of religiosity on organizational support, and the impact of organizational support on intrapreneurship behavior is proven to be insignificant. The impact of religiosity and spiritual leadership on intrapreneurship behavior, and the impact of spiritual leadership on organizational support proved to be positive and significant. Testing the mediating variable showed that organizational support was not proven to be a variable mediating the relationship between religiosity and spiritual leadership on intrapreneurship behavior. Implications & Recommendations: This research has implications both practicions and policy maker to build intrapreneurship behavior among lecturers, in particular, according to this finding, a good environment (spiritual leadership and religiosity) will support the lecturer to building intrapreneurship behavior. Contribution & Value Added: These finding contribute to the current understanding about the antecedents of intrapreneurship behavior. This research developed the role of spiritual leadership, religiosity, and organizational support to building intrapreneurship behavior. And as the finding, this study offered the challenge to analyse a good spiritual leadership practices that can build positive perceptions for lecturers and influence intrapreneurship behavior.


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Maisaroh, & Darmawan, A. (2023). Intrapreneurship Behavior: The Role of Spiritual Leadership, Religiosity, and Organizational Support. Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship Research, 4(1), 43-54.